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Wonnv Retro Mini Cruiser 22 inch Complete Skateboard Review

Many skateboarders nowadays have been on the hunt for good 22-inch skateboards and penny style skateboards. Wonnv Retro Mini Cruiser 22 inch Complete Skateboard Review Amazon A relatively new yet a top rated skateboard brand, Wonnv was set up in 2013 to manufacture high-quality penny style skateboards. Serving the needs of the top tier customers, their strict quality control measures are supposed to ensure that all of their skateboards conform to all of the standards of quality and excellence.

All of their products are inspected 100% before shipment in order to ensure that they are functional, reliable and durable. Wonnv is an ideal brand for people who love penny boards as they offer penny cruising boards, customized penny boards, and even light up skateboards. Wonnv offers a variety of vibrant and top-rated skateboards but today we have our eyes set on their Wonnv retro mini cruiser 22-inch complete skateboard. It is one of the best skateboards around town and a little trip down their functional lane will help you guy see why.



Made from high-quality Polypropylene, the 22 inches long and 6 inches wide deck is durable and sturdy. The non-slip polypropylene deck is wide and bendable and is made from high quality, 100% fresh material. It comes painted with 3.25 inches of pro aluminum trucks. One of the most amazing aspects of the deck of the Wonnv retro mini cruiser is the graphics. Full of vibrant colors and interesting patterns, the retro mini cruiser not only has a sturdy and durable deck that not only rides out very well, but it will also look absolutely awesome on the streets too. Being extremely sturdy allows the deck to support weight up to 220 lbs. Despite being able to support high weights, the skateboard itself is quite lightweight and portable. It can easily fit into your backpack or you can carry it around too. Trust me, riding the Wonnv retro cruiser would mean that you are riding in style.


Bearings and Wheels

The Wonnv Retro Mini Cruiser 22 inch Complete Skateboard comes with high-quality bearings and wheels too. The super-smooth measure a 7 on the ABEC scale. As for the wheels, they are made from polyurethane and are quite soft which means that the Wonnv retro min cruiser gives you the perfect fast cruise that you have been looking for. The soft wheels also reduce the vibration in the ride and make it super easy to glide.


Other Features

The amazing part about the Wonnv retro cruiser is the versatility, the board can be used for all skill levels of skateboarders. Riding the Wonnv cruiser for kids is just fun and exercise while for adults it is another way for them to discover what is fun again. The Wonnv retro cruiser skateboard comes with a pre-assembled mini skateboard which has a well-packaged with skate bag and a skateboard too. The t tool which comes with the skateboard is useful and handy to adjust the screws according to the skateboarder’s need.

Make sure to combine this with a skateboard protective gear for your safety!

The Final Verdict

I think the Wonnv retro mini cruiser 22-inch skateboard review shows why the Wonnv skateboards are gaining popularity.

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