Choosing the best skateboard for beginners comes down to three things: your preferred skating style, age/physique, and your budget.

The skateboard buying guide is the first step in the learning process to go from a novice skateboarder to an intermediate one.

As a beginner skateboarder, you want to ride safely with style and on that ideal skateboard that leaves an impression. But with so many skateboard brands around, selecting the best skateboard that is the right choice for you requires serious help.

For this reason, (after hours of effort in researching and testing) we present to you a list of the best skateboards 2022 manufactured by top skateboard brands that you can buy to make sure you get your money’s worth!

The table below gives you a brief idea about the skateboards that make it to our list of the top 5 best skateboards of 2022. For your ease, we have presented the best skateboards in a table format for quick review. For in-depth reviews of the skateboards in our list, please keep reading below. 

Best Skateboards 2022

Skateboard NameSkateboard BrandCustomer Rating Weight (in pounds) 
Penny Australia Classic Complete Skateboard
(Editor's Pick)
Penny Australia9.44.3
KPC Pro Skateboard CompleteKPC 8.24.77
Ridge Glow in the Dark Cruiser Skateboard

Ridge Skateboards8.66.2
Skatro Mini Cruiser Skateboard Complete
Minority Maple SkateboardMinority9.35.05
Before we begin

Let me clear first that you cannot go wrong with ANY board mentioned in this list of best skateboards 2022, the only thing you need to consider is your level and style. Moving on, let’s shed some light on our main topic for today; the best skateboards and top longboards available for consumers to buy. With so many skateboard brands floating in the market currently, it was absolutely necessary to make this list. While the hardcore skaters might find it very easy to choose their ideal skateboard or longboard, things can be difficult for skateboard beginners who may end up choosing a skateboard that is not suitable for them.

Now, that you know how we rank the best skateboards for beginners, we will dive into the discussion of choosing the right skateboard for your style. This will be followed by an in-depth discussion of each of our top skateboard picks.

The level of experience that you have is an important indicator of the type of skateboard you will buy. For beginner skateboarders, it is always recommended that they go with a ‘complete’ product where a combination of the skateboard parts (decks, wheels, etc) has already been set in place.

For the following guide, we will assume that you have had little to no experience of riding a skateboard but you have finally decided that you can no longer live without owning one or you are ready to learn the skateboard basics.

What is your Skateboarding Style?

You’re all excited about getting a new skateboard but wait… you need to be very clear on the first question and determine your skating style. Ask yourself: what do I need the skateboard for? Do you need it for commuting to your friends’ house (or any place) without having to bear the hassle of a bike or perhaps you need it to learn some cool skateboard tricks to impress that crush of yours?

Once you have understood your skateboard needs, you are ready to go to the next step of picking the right board.

Choosing the Right Board

Continuing on the above point, if you want to use the skateboard for commuting then some people would recommend buying a longboard for that. However, if you are completely new to skateboarding especially if you are a kid with a small stature, controlling a longboard would prove to be difficult. Hence, it is advised that as a beginner you should either go for a skateboard or a penny board whose smaller size will make it easy to maneuver the board.

Note: If you are torn about choosing one skateboarding style, then we advise you to go with a standard skateboard or a penny board which you can use for cruising and performing tricks as well. This is something you do not have liberty within a longboard.

So the next two headings would cover the popular question: what size of skateboard should I buy?


Skateboard Size Chart – What size of Skateboard should I buy?

While searching for that perfect skateboard on Amazon, you will quickly realize that skateboards come in various different sizes. Hence, it is important to understand the width and length of a particular skateboard.

The width of skateboard decks ranges from 6 to 8.3 inches and the width you want will again depend on your skating style. The width of the decks can be sorted into five sizes: micro, mini, small, mid-size, and full-size. You should know that choosing the right skateboard means that it should match your height and shoe size. For your help, we have created a skateboard size chart that you can use to get a fair idea about a suitable skateboard width.

Skateboard Size Chart

The chart is intuitive in the sense that as a kid you have small feet so narrow boards is the right option however as a teenager/adult skateboarding for the first time, choosing a wider deck width will be the best choice for you. as it is stable and provides ample foot space to control the weight on the skateboard.

However, for a full-size deck, the skating style of the rider would determine what deck size she should go for.

7.5 inches to 8 inches – Street skating and skateboard tricks

8 inches to 8.3 inches – Skating in parks or on-ramps

8.3 inches and above – Vert skating or cruising


Moving on to the length of the skateboard

Typically, a standard skateboard ranges from 27 inches to 32 inches. While not a problem for skateboard intermediates, beginners can have a hard time maneuvering the longer decks. Since the shorter deck skateboards are lightweight, it is easier for beginners to handle the board. Other than that, you should not care too much about the length of a particular skateboard, only the width. Although the right length of the skateboard is a topic for advanced riders, however we will come to that later.

Time for in-depth reviews of our top skateboard picks

Now, whether you’re looking for the best skateboard for beginners, the best skateboard for cruising, or the best skateboard for tricks, the following list featuring the five best skateboards covers any and every style. So, without any further ado let’s move to the best skateboards of 2022 that money can buy.

1. Penny Australia Classic Complete Skateboard – Best Skateboard for Beginners Penny Australia Classic Complete Skateboard Review

Penny, the Australian based top skateboard brand for this skateboard, embodies the vision of a company that not only stands for freedom, excitement, and fun but also embodies high-quality raw materials and excellence along with the technical aspects. It is well known for its skateboards that are like short cruisers. The sleek and smooth Penny skateboard comes with all of its parts manufactured with the highest quality including bearings, deck, trucks, bushings, and wheels. This is definitely your board to buy right away if you are looking for something that is portable to carry around in your bag or so, but also something that gives you a very smooth and fast ride with tight turns.

The 22 inch Penny Australia Classic skateboard from Penny skateboards is built on the vintage design of skateboards and looks amazing and classy when you ride it through streets, pavements or cruising lightly through your campus. The best part about Penny skateboards is that it will give you the advantage of the fast speed that comes with longboards but will also provide the portability factor.

Now that we know the unique advantages of the Penny skateboard, let us look at the specifications that make it the best penny board out there.

The deck is 22 inches long and is made out of its classic plastic formula which makes it lightweight too built on the classic waffle, a non-slip deck that makes it stable too. Its board is also 6 inches in width, which again adds to the portability factor.

The wheels are 59 mm in diameter and 78a on the durometer scale which means that the wheels are hard and make the skateboard a pretty fast ride! The stainless steel bearings are a good 7 on the ABEC scale and have high tensile bolts. The high tensile bolts mean that the skateboard is capable of withstanding stress and pressure before breaking. The trucks are 3 inches and made out of cast aluminum that add to the amazing ride of this skateboard.

If you’re a beginner learning how to ride skateboards and looking for something light and fast, buy Penny Australia Classic Complete skateboard as this is ‘hands down’ the best penny board for beginners!

The only downside is that you can not use this penny board to pull off any tricks of jumps you had in mind. Other than that, it is simply the top penny board, guys!

Up next, pros and cons of this amazing beginner skateboard.

Fast and smooth

Lightweight to carry

Small enough to fit inside bags, lockers etc

Classic design with waffle based deck

Great aesthetics

Cannot be used for pulling off tricks specially jumps

The Final Verdict
If you are looking for a skateboard for beginners and are confused about which one to choose for a smooth, stable ride, you have come to the right place. This is the perfect board that you can use to get a fast skating ride around town but also comfortably carry it down whenever you feel like switching to walking.

2. KPC Pro Skateboard Complete – Best Skateboard for CruisingKPC Pro Skateboard Complete Review

Being one of the best cruiser skateboards around town, KPC Pro Skateboard Complete is a sleek, beautifully designed skateboard with premium quality materials used in its manufacturing. The good-looking deck, created by the skateboard brand Krown, is a good 7.75 inches in length and has been designed on the black and white checkered theme. It is a solid deck with good quality Canadian maple used as its raw material and the skateboard is not even that heavy to carry around. In fact, it is pretty light and weighs around 1 pound.

The KPC Pro skateboard features black grip tape and the other raw materials are standard. One of the most impressive qualities of this KPC Pro skateboard is its wheels. The white wheels Krown graphic, sized around 52 mm are wide and offer the board a good level of stability. The Krown skateboard offers rust proofing to the wheels too which reduces the need for frequent maintenance. The wheels make the skateboard a smooth ride and people currently using these boards love it.

The black trucks made out of heavy-duty aluminum alloy and give the board a premium feel. In addition to black aluminum trucks, the skateboard also has bearings that have been rated as 7 on the ABEC rating scale. The overall structure of the board makes it a very well balanced board and excellent for cruising purposes; it is like a “mini cruiser”.

The customers seem to love it a lot since it gives excellent value for money and is priced quite fairly as compared to the good quality that it provides. Another reason why this should be in your consideration is that this is the best cheap skateboard for tricks to pull off in front of your friends (and maybe even your crush!)

If you are wondering about any downsides, sure there are a few but nothing that would put the deal off the table. The drawback is that the bearings are not the best and the wheels are a little hard to roll. However, if you are looking to give this skateboard to someone as a gift, then let me also tell you that it is one of the best skateboards for kids so get ordering the perfect present.

Let us now look at some of the pros and cons of KPC Pro Skateboard Complete.

Well balanced

Mini Cruiser

Aesthetically pleasing

High quality raw materials

Despite the good quality, the wheels can be somewhat harder to roll

The Final Verdict
We absolutely love this KPC Pro Skateboard Complete not only for the classy and sleek look, but also how it rolls on the streets and its balanced structure which makes it light to carry around when you are done with the splendid ride. I have to say, we also adore the wheels which are definitely one of its unique features as they give the board a whole new level of stability.

3. Ridge Glow in the Dark Cruiser Skateboard – Best Skateboard for Tricks Ridge Glow in the Dark Skateboard Review

The fast-growing Ridge brand, is one of its kind in the UK, as it is the only company that builds mini cruisers in Europe. It is the only mini cruiser brand that isn’t made in China. The brand has been riding on a wave of popularity as it provides quality boards at good prices and thus, has a fast-growing fan base that has permeated from the UK to the USA now. The niche that Ridge focuses on is mini skateboards very much like Penny.

However, the main difference between the skateboards of Penny and Ridge is the fact that Ridge offers these boards at a much reasonable price. So if you are looking for a mini-cruiser and have budget constraints, Ridge skateboards are definitely the answer to your prayers! The quality of the Ridge skateboards can also be affirmed by the fact there is a lot of information available on the brand.

This particular Ridge skateboard is a good 27 inches in length and is 1.5 inches wider than the original Ridge board. Its bigger size tends to make it more stable and also more suitable when carving out turns and gives it a larger turning radius. It is a good buy if you are looking for a mini-cruiser that is the best skateboard for pulling off those amazing skateboard tricks. (Your friends are going to be really impressed!) Its stability due to its greater width is definitely one of the factors that makes it ideal for performing skateboard tricks.

Plus, it really glows brightly in the dark. Just imagine, how wonderful pulling off tricks in the dark will look with this cool skateboard by Ridge.

Also, since the deck is 27 inches long and wide, not only is it amazing for tricks but it is also an amazing cruise for all beginners. So, if you are looking to buy your first mini-cruiser, Ridge Glow in the Dark Cruiser Skateboard is definitely an amazing buy. The sleek finish of this Ridge skateboard also makes it one of the best skateboards for college campuses as you want to look sharp while riding this board on the way to college.

Moving on, the bearings are probably one of the weak points for this penny board and could have been improved but otherwise it is an amazing skateboard for its price. The trucks with 87A super soft yellow bushings, are 4 inches wide and offer high performance. It has 59 mm (diameter) and 78PU A wheels that mesh quite well with the other hardware making it a perfect skateboard for tricks.

The perfect budget friendly mini cruiser

Rising brand

High quality raw materials

Sturdy and well built (stable)

Excellent for pulling off tricks

Glow in the Dark feature

Stylish and classy

The bearings are somewhat average.

The Final Verdict
All in all, Ridge skateboard is a stylish skateboard with the unique glow in the dark feature, is well built with high quality materials despite the low price of the skateboard, sturdy, best skateboard for tricks and an excellent skateboard for novice skaters who are looking for their perfect, first mini cruiser. This Europe based brand sure knows how to please its customers with its amazing mini cruisers.

4. Skatro – Mini Cruiser Skateboard – Best Cruiser Skateboard Skatro Mini Cruiser Skateboard Review

Moving onto one of the most unique brands, we present the Skatro skateboard. The Skatro mini cruiser skateboard is distinguished from its competing skateboards through the presence of two unique elements. The first one is the “Skatro flexy technology”, which is its unique manufacturing process that ensures the optimal amount of flex has been provided to all of the Skatro mini cruiser skateboards.

This technology uses a special machine that calculates and ensures that no skateboard has been given more than or less than the optimum amount of plastic. This is because too much plastic can make the board too stiff while too little plastic might make it more malleable. This helps in maintaining the consistent stiffness in all Skatro skateboards. Another process, the pressure check ensures that the board flexes to the expected level. Skatro is the only brand that makes use of these technologies, because of which Skatro has been known to have the “smoothest mini cruisers” among all its competitors.

This is not it, guys! Skatro mini-cruiser also has another distinguishing feature: the bearings. Unlike other brands, Skatro does not use traditional bearings made out of carbon steel. In fact, their bearings are made out of bearing steel that has a dual advantage. It is significantly harder than carbon steel and also prevents friction during rotation. Bearing steel is capable of withstanding much more wear and tear and hence, lasts longer without needing any frequent maintenance. It tends to outperform its competitors and is proved to be much more durable as well.

The dream does not end here though. We do have some other amazing specifications too. To further enhance its performance, it has bearings that have been rated at a 7 on the ABEC scale. The wheels are 59MM and made out of urethane to enhance the ride. The skateboard also comes with a T tool (which, by the way, is $10 in value). And finally, the gold aluminum trucks seal the deal for this best cruiser skateboard.

You might be wondering with that all of this glitz and fancy manufacturing processes, the Skatro must be pricey. Boy, are you in for a surprise though. The Skatro is in fact pretty cheap! This skateboard is in fact, much cheaper than the other brands in this best skateboards 2022 list.

However, there can be issues with the rigidity of the board for some skateboard riders.  Some users feel that the flex is a little too much while standing on the middle of the board.  Otherwise, this is a great skateboard and the pros massively outweigh the few cons.

Make sure you take a look at the skateboard protection gear for your protection before cruising on this beast.
The smoothest mini cruiser

Unique technology and bearings that makes it durable and ideally stiff

Amazing price (Pretty cheap)

Portable and light

Comes with a T tool (that is $10 in value)

High flex unsuitable for some skateboard riders
The Final Verdict
The Skatro mini cruiser has to be the perfect quality mini-cruiser with an amazing price which means that you should definitely grab one for commuting at high speeds. Oh and also, it is quite portable so grabbing one before you set out for your perfect day should be the least of your problems too! You will not be disappointed, this is definitely one of the best skateboards for cruising out there.

5. Minority Maple skateboard – Best Skateboard for Beginner AdultsMinority Maple Skateboard Review

Over the last few years, Minority skateboards, as a brand, has managed to establish itself as one of the best skateboard brands internationally. According to the company statistics, over 20,000 skateboard riders chose to buy Minority skateboards to enjoy the perfect ride. Minority skateboard intends on growing and offering the best quality skateboards to their consumers. The brand is run by a team of skilled athletes who are well versed in the science of professionalism, especially when it comes to manufacturing the best quality skateboards.

This Minority 32 inch pure maple skateboard is one of the finest skateboards and is a combination of high-quality materials. The deck is made up of 7 ply hard rock maple and epoxy glue. This makes it extremely hard, durable, and capable of holding a weight of up to 220 lbs. The deck is made up of 100 % maple making it a premium quality deck.

The design of the deck is a mediate concave, with a spacious kick tail and nose. This means that this should be definitely on your buy list if you are looking for the best skateboard for carving out turns, sharp maneuverability and great for pulling off skateboard tricks.

The strength of the skateboard is also complemented by its other high-performance materials such as the 5-Inch trucks which are cast by genuine aluminum alloy coupled with carbon steel kingpin and 78A high rebound PU bushing.

One important component for pulling off good skateboard tricks is a decent speed. To provide faster speed, this skateboard has ABEC-9 precision bearings that have been manufactured by pure chrome steel and excellent 52mm 102A PU wheels. The wheels are pretty hard which also help in giving the skateboard the optimum speed needed to pull off the tricks, to cruise through the streets or for general faster transportation.

This skateboard is known for its excellent maneuverability so you do not need to worry one bit as you skate and turn through sharp and tight turns in the street. This Minority board is also the best cheap skateboard which will make sure that your entire ride is smooth and fast while not being too heavy for your pocket.

We didn’t find much wrong with this board apart from the average trucks, otherwise it is an ideal best budget cheap skateboard and definitely gives you value for money.

The perfect budget friendly mini cruiser

Rising brand

High quality materials

Sturdy and well built (stable)

Excellent for pulling off tricks

Glow in the Dark feature

Stylish and classy

Trucks are average

The Final Verdict
We think that other than its excellent functionalities like strength and delivering a smooth ride, this Minority skateboard has a stylish and striking graphical appearance which means that you can buy it to gift it to your friends who need a stable, vintage skateboard for their perfect ride around town. What a way to strengthen your friendship with a fellow skateboarding enthusiast!
The competition for the best skateboard category, like the longboard category, was also fierce. But through owing to the customer experiences, our in-depth research and testing and the best features of the skateboards boards, we saw that one skateboard has an edge.

So, as per our rating system, the best skateboard 2022 list is topped by the Penny Australia Classic Complete Skateboard and should definitely be on your radar as well. We are a huge fan of skateboards that are not only classy and stylish but give the rider the perfect ride, one that is kind of like setting sail through the ocean. This 22 inches skateboard is a vintage skateboard and absolutely the best skateboard for beginners. If you are a new skater, this is the ideal choice for you (think of it like a match made in heaven).

Frequently Asked Questions

What wheels should I choose for the Skateboard?

The answer to this question again lies in your style and on which terrain you intend on using your skateboard. If you intend on street skating, then you want to have smaller wheels that are responsive and lightweight hence, making it easy for beginners to pull-off tricks and make the board jump. The ideal size of wheels for this style should be around 49 mm to 53 mm. Moving on, if you intend on vert skating on skateboard ramps, you require wheels of around 54 mm to 60 mm. Larger wheels provide greater stability and more surface area to pull off skateboarding tricks on steel ramps.

What shape should I choose for my Skateboard?

You may think that skateboards come in flat shape only, however you can opt for concave, convex, radial, and many other shapes. However, getting into shapes is a topic for experienced riders and not one where a beginner should be confusing himself/herself. Typically, a good shape for beginners is a concave one which makes it easier to flip the skateboard and lift it off the ground by performing the skateboarding trick called ‘ollie’. The steepness of the concave shape would depend on whether you want to learn tricks (steep concave) or you require the skateboard for downhill riding (slight concave). As you mature in your experience, the shape of the skateboard becomes a personal preference for you.

Should I get a complete board or build a custom one?

Probably to your surprise, it is possible to build a custom skateboard by assembling your own bearings, deck, trucks, and wheels. However, you do not want to go down that road if you’re a skateboard beginner as the complication of assembling a board is best left to the pro riders only. Instead, you should opt for a ‘complete’ skateboard that has been specially designed with optimal features and created with you in mind. For this reason, we have already chosen for you the 5 best skateboards for beginners above that you can choose from.

Where should I buy the Skateboard from?

You have done all the research and hard work in picking that perfect skateboard that you will start your journey with. But the next question is where do you get that skateboard from? Should you trust your local shop or order online from Amazon?
Well, not generalizing but with local shops only the retailer is aware of the quality of the skateboard that he is selling and the kind of raw materials used. It may look good on the face of it but what if it breaks after 2 weeks of riding? Not so good, eh?

We recommend you to order your chosen skateboard online from Amazon and there are various reasons for it:

  • Amazon is a trusted online retail giant
  • You can browse threw countless reviews of actual customers who chose to buy from Amazon
  • More often than not, you will get the best price of the skateboard on Amazon while ensuring that the quality of the skateboard is top-notch.

With that, your skateboard buying guide is complete and now you have all the information to buy your first skateboard from Amazon.

But we won’t end this here now without discussing the different skateboard parts so you not only have a skateboard but also the knowledge to go along with it.

Word of Caution
Make sure to buy these skateboard protection gear that are necessary for your protection before you begin your adventure in the skateboarding world.

What are the Skateboard Parts a Beginner needs to understand?

There are different skateboard parts available for your board should you decide that you need to customize your beginner board a bit to improve your skating experience. Changing the skateboard parts is sometimes necessary to suit your riding style and will directly affect its performance.

You should only experiment with different parts under supervision of a professional otherwise you may experience a decrease in your skateboard performance. 

Skateboard deck  Longboards or shortboards?

A skateboard deck is a plank you stand on and is usually made of layers of wood (and sometimes plastic). It is perhaps the most important characteristic that you need to consider is the skateboard deck (the flat board) since it affects your mobility while making turns. The longboard is especially suitable for rides that involve big, broad turns. For quicker agility, the shortboard is more suitable as it helps you in commuting through the town among crowds and carving out short turns

Deck Materials – What Deck Materials to Choose?

Deck materials affect the quality of the ride. Beginners tend to stick to decks made out of plywood while professional skateboarders may prefer decks that are made out of materials like aluminum, fiberglass, or other artificial materials. These decks are thicker and to a certain extent, also more flexible.

Bearings Get your bearings right!

Bearings, the pieces that mount the wheel to the axle, are important in the sense that the effect the speed and acceleration. Usually, the high quality and high rated bearings (on the ABEC ratings) are also more expensive. If the rating is high on the ABEC scale, then the wheels have higher precision. Skateboarding beginners looking to ride fast over long distances should select a bearing with a high rating on the ABEC scale.

The material of the bearings Steel Bearings

High-quality steel bearings are important in your ride and will be reflected in less screeching and stiffening as you come to a sudden halt in your ride. The lower quality and cheaper material bearings do not work well because rust and dirt may get stuck in them.

Ceramic Bearings Skateboard  Are Ceramic Bearings Better? 

Ceramic bearings offer the advantage of producing less friction and expanding less in heat and are extremely smooth. Owing to this high-quality experience, ceramic bearings are usually more expensive. Also, ceramic bearings also require less maintenance as they do not rust and do not need to be replaced as often as the steel bearings need to be replaced. This is why many skateboarders adore ceramic bearings and are becoming popular by the day!

Bearing Spacers Skateboard  What do Bearings Spacers do?

Bearing spacers are fitted in between the bearings to reduce weight distributed to the bearings which makes taking turns much smoother, more stable, and increase the life of the bearings as well.

Although they are optional, bearing spacers are the way to go especially if you are into doing some fun skateboard tricks, excellent for smooth sliding and for skating as hard as you want

Skateboard Wheels  What Skateboard Wheels should I get?

The importance of choosing your skateboard wheels lies in the fact that they determine how fast you can go. The two important features of wheels are their diameter and their durometer (hardness of the wheel).

Wheel diameter basically determines how quickly you can start accelerating and how tightly you can turn. The smaller the diameter, the smaller will be the wheels and hence, slower the ride. This is in contrast to large wheels with which you can start accelerating quickly and enjoy a faster ride!

Skateboards Wheel Size Guide

Durometer measures the hardness of the wheels and is usually measured on the Durometer A scale. The higher the number on the scale, the greater will be the hardness of the wheels. Although harder wheels offer greater speed, the grip is more for the softer wheels. The hardness of the wheels also depends on your personal preference for the terrain that you are choosing to skateboard on. Owing to their better grip, softer wheels are better suited for street skating while hard wheels can be used for smooth surfaces like skating parks.

general durometer guide

Bushings Skateboard: What Bushings should I get?

The rubbery ring-like bushings around the kingpin of skateboard trucks, help in the skateboard taking turns smoothly and help in pivoting it. A more resistant board is formed from stiffer bushings and it is very helpful while performing skateboard tricks. Looser bushings can be a good option when casually cruising through the streets. Bushing tightness depends on each rider’s preferences, and bushings can be easily adjusted to suit your needs. Skateboard truck bushings are all the same size and will fit any skateboard or longboard.

Another important factor in choosing the bushings is the shape of the bushing. There are three basic shapes: conical, barrel, and eliminator. However, different combinations of these shapes can be used to accentuate the rides.

Skateboard Trucks – What to choose and why are trucks important?

The T shaped tools used to bind and hold the bearings and wheels of the skateboard firmly to the deck are trucks and can affect your skateboard performance.

They affect the kind of tricks you can pull off using your skateboards and also affect your stability while lightly cruising and hardcore skateboarding. Trucks also enable you to make turns right or left and can be altered to perform tighter turns.

The distance between the hanger (the triangular metal piece) and the bottom of the skate deck is called the truck profile. Most riders choose to go for mid-sized trucks but it can be replaced with high or low trucks depending on your skating style.

Low Trucks: Suitable for smaller wheels, as they provide greater stability.

High Trucks: Suitable for larger wheels, as they facilitate cruising and carving.

With that, you know pretty much all the basics you need to know about skateboards and are all set to buy your first skateboard.

Don’t forget to check out our skateboard protective gear recommendations for the inevitable injuries!