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Best Longboard Brands in 2023 – Reviews and Scorecard Brand Rankings

Are you seeking a recommendation for the best longboard brand? Do you love that longboard, but not too sure about the credibility of the brand?

It can be frustrating to choose the top longboard brand for your needs with when the market is cluttered with so many brands. How do you separate the best brands from the average ones? How does a novice skater know which longboard brand will give them value for money? To relieve you of this headache, we have curated the following guide on longboard brands.

Hours of research, customer reviews and personal experience helped us in crafting this list of the best longboard brands 2020. It is a one stop for you as we cover the ideal longboard brands for all the different riding styles out there.

Below we illustrate how each longboard brand ranks on different factors like ease of use, aesthetics, portability, wheels, trucks, deck and bearings.

Best Longboard Brands 2020

With this best longboard brands 2020 table below, you will have a fair idea of how the brands stack up against each other.

Best Longboard Brands Ratings 2018

In the longboarding world, there is a considerable shuffling of the famous top brands as not many of them manage to stay in the limelight for a long time. This constant reshuffling makes way for new longboard brands to come into the spotlight.

However, it is important to note that no two brands are the same and comparing them is difficult but the following list has been created by in-depth analysis of the saturated longboard market and features the top longboard brands with our pick of best longboards of each that you must give a shot.

Quest Boards – Best Longboard Brand for Cruising

Do you know what the word on the street is for Quest longboards? That they are just too good for their price. And  we totally agree!

Quest Longboards Brand

Quest boards is known for the variety of skateboards that they offer and cover activities involving going down the mountain, slopes and surfing. But we will focus on their incredible longboards. We love how unique and clear the positioning of Quest as a brand is; to be your adventure buddy starting from the mountains to the coast. Their variety ranges from their classic longboard cruisers (best sellers), old school banana boards and open wheel downhill bombers. Aesthetics, style, quality, riding style; Quest boards have got it all covered for you. They have an astoundingly growing fan base and rightly so. Not only are their longboards classical, stylish and premium but are priced quite fairly. Quest is a company that clearly stands for the best possible value mix to offer to their customers.

Going to ride a downhill road? The Quest drop through longboard is all that you need. The Quest drop through longboards is our personal favorites given the high speed and agility that they provide. For transportation purposes, the Quest pintail and kick tail are ideal longboards. Not only are they beasts when it comes to carving out tricky turns but their high quality and high performing parts make them the best longboards. Some of their high-quality materials include aluminium trucks, durable polyurethane wheels and stainless steel bearings. Let us now see the brand score of Quest longboards and how it scores in various factors that we have considered while ranking the best longboard brands.

Quest Boards Best Longboard Brand

Now let us talk about our favorite Quest longboards. The Quest Super Cruiser Artisan Bamboo Longboard, is hands down, our favorite longboard and the best cruiser in the market. So much that we have also featured it in our best longboards 2020 list.

We also love the Quest Native Spirit Kick Tail Longboard Skateboard which is suitable for all levels of riders ranging from beginners to intermediates. It is a unique, stylish longboard with its strong deck made of 7 ply hardwood maple. It has durable 70x51mm 80A PU wheels, lightweight 6-inch aluminium trucks and precision ABEC 7 bearings. Customers have found it to be the best beginners longboard.

Although we love the Quest longboards infinitely, some of the customers are not too happy with the trucks of the Quest Native Spirit Kick Tail longboard that can make a groaning noise.

All in all, the Quest boards as a brand is the best longboard brand in the market. We love the variety of longboards that it offers, high-quality materials and amazing price point.

</em>Friendly Reminder<em>
Do not forget to buy these must-have skateboard protective gear for your safety before you begin your longboarding adventure.

Atom Longboards – Best Longboard Brand for Beginners/IntermediatesAtom Longboards Brand

Do you know what the name Atom longboards bring to my mind? A company that gives attention to detail, right down to the atomic structure of the longboards. And you know what? I am actually not wrong guys. More than a decade of experience of making longboards under their belt, Atom longboards are quite a hit in the longboarding community. Atom is actually the brainchild of the company, MBS. If you are looking for longboards that go easy on your budget but give you the best quality, right down to the atomic structure of the longboards, you have come to the right brand.

It is not hard to see why we are so in love with Atom longboards; excellent quality at a price that is actually much, much lesser than that of other longboard brands. People usually say that Atom longboards are the best longboards for beginners. And we agree but we also think that it covers the satisfaction of all levels of riders quite well. Not only that, Atom’s longboard variety also covers a variety of riding styles. They have their drop through line (best for downhill), drop deck line (ideal for downhill and long-distance traveling), pintail, and kick tail line (best for cruising).

Things that make Atom longboards stand out from the other longboard brands are its high-quality materials for deck, relatively low center of gravity boards (making it more stable) and their high-quality bearings. Their stable boards are not only suitable for downhill riding style, but also the best longboards for tricks. Not only does it have excellent grip and carving techniques, but their unique decking procedure helps in preventing wheel bite. Let us now see the brand score of Atom longboards and how it scores in various factors that we have considered while ranking the best longboard brands.

Atom Longboards Best Longboard Brand Beginner

Now let us talk about some of our favorite longboards from the Atom collection; the Atom drop through longboard is actually a famous favorite in the longboarding community. This longboard also features in our best longboards 2020 list.

Atom longboards also have the best longboard for novice riders, the Atom Pintail longboard. The durable maple deck is 43.3 inches in length and 10.8 inches in width. The pintail not only has that but the longboard also comes covered in grip tape which obviously, gives it amazing grip.

Also, we have to tell you this that we love its surfing style inspired design and the color-infused graphics. Not only does the board carve out the sharpest turns, but looks pretty sharp too while carving out your turns. The top-mounted deck rests on reverse kingpin trucks and they connect to the 78A polyurethane wheels through the bearings which are rated 5 on the ABEC scale.

Make sure to check out these skateboarding safety gear for your protection before you begin your longboarding adventure. 

Being an excellent longboard altogether, we have to say that not everyone is a big fan of their wheels. So you guys might have to check them out and change them, if necessary.

All in all, the Atom longboards as a brand is the best longboard brand for beginners in the market, giving them great value for money while not compromising on the quality at all.

Rimable Longboards – Best Budget Longboard BrandRimable Longboard Brand for Commuting

If you are looking for the best longboard brand in terms of a diverse set of longboards that fulfil your crazy needs, Rimable is your brand. Whether you are looking for the best longboard for beginners or even the top longboard for intermediates, Rimable has all of it covered. Even though the range of the longboards made by Rimable is not extensive, I think all of its users will agree that the longboards that they do offer are nothing short of spectacular.

When you first start skateboarding, it can be hard to figure out whether skateboarding is really your thing or not. But we think that if you have the perfect longboard or skateboard, it goes a long way in making you realize if it is your thing. Fortunately, Rimable complete longboards offer just those kinds of longboards.

What are the origins of Rimable, you ask? Rimable is a Chinese company belonging to Yongkang Ydream Fitness Equipment Co. Ltd. Rimable makes much more than just skateboards and is also in the business of making in-line skates, scooters, fitness gear, and toys. The only bad thing about Rimable as a brand is that it has no website and customer service.

Let us now see the brand score of Rimable longboards and how it scores in various factors that we have considered while ranking the best longboard brands.

Rimable Best Longboard Brand Budget

Now let us move on to some of our favorite boards from the Rimable collection. First up, is the Rimable Drop-Through longboard; our personal favorite for carving and cruising.

Some of its spectacular features include the fact that this Rimable longboard deck has nine plies of cold-pressed maple, and measures 41 inches long and 9.5 inches wide. It includes 7-inch, aluminum Rimable reverse-kingpin trucks (reverse kingpins reduce the likelihood of speed wobbles) and 51mm wheels with a durometer of 78A. The bearings are ABEC 11 which, rather than being a typical ABEC rating (ABEC ratings usually stop at nine), are good enough. Despite having high-quality skateboard parts, Rimable is actually a budget longboard brand name.

Moving on, another best longboard is the Rimable Bamboo Pintail Longboard and except for the fact that this longboard is pintail and utilizes bamboo in the bottom layer of the deck to add flexibility, everything else is the same. This pintail is also famous for its flexibility and how it can support big guys too. Even for the big guys, the longboard carves out pretty nicely. It comes with a high-quality OS780 grip tape which is more durable. Customers love the quality of this board and even the grip tape which is not like those cheap, sandpaper glued on kind.

The only downside to this board is the fact it might become warped in situations involving a lot of heat.

Other than that, Rimable has some pretty amazing drop deck, drop-through and pintail longboards that are suitable for different riding styles. All in all, we love the Rimable longboards! 

Sector 9 – Best Longboard Brand for CommutingSector 9 Best Longboard Brand

Sector 9 has the perfect success story, starting out as a small venture in the backyard, it blossomed into a full-fledged business. The California based skateboard manufacturing company shot to fame for their powerhouse skateboards and longboards. Sector 9 has grown to be one the most sought after and the best longboard brand in the industry.

Sector 9 offers some high-quality parts and complete skateboards. Their shop for parts includes decks, wheels, trucks, accessories (protective gear, helmets), apparel and hardware like bearings, grip tape etc. Their range of complete skateboards includes the cruiser series, bamboo series, classic series, Bob Marley series, downhill division and the signature series to name a few. Clearly, variety is their strong point.

Let us cut to the chase and talk about Sector 9 Longboards. We (and everyone else) loves Sector 9 longboards for the way they carve out smooth turns, cruising at high speeds and travelling over long distances. The Sector 9 longboards are made from durable and sturdy 9 ply maple. Their decks and trucks are usually larger than other longboards which basically means that you guys have more room to move around. You can even mix and match their parts if you want to build your own longboard!

Let us now see the brand score of Sector 9 longboards and how it scores in various factors that we have considered while ranking the best longboard brands.

Sector 9 Best Longboard Brand Commuting

Now that we have got the functionality of these longboards out of the way? Let us talk about their graphics. Their decks have the perfect blend of colors and the shades of one color. Having a board that not only rides well but looks so good on the road definitely makes it a must-have. The graphics on their decks are quite unique and chic. For example, I would love to ride their Tropics ledger on a bright sunny day to make the entire ride picturesque.

And now comes a hard time, deciding the best longboard from Sector 9 longboard collection. Fortunately, we do have a winner. Personally, I love the name of this longboard too. It gives a very serene feeling. As you must have guessed by now, our top pick is the Sector 9 Blue Wave Lookout drop through longboard. This longboard has a deck made out of bamboo and the drop through feature gives it extra stability. It is the best longboard for commuting, down-hill style riding, and free riding. Although the bamboo deck is strong it is also lightweight and easy to carry around. It has 10-inch aluminum made reverse kingpin trucks, 74x52mm PU wheels with a durometer rating of 78A, and Durable Abec-5 Stainless Steel Bearings.

But let me tell you this, this longboard like everything in life, is not perfect. Their bearings are average and really not the greatest. So you might want to check those out and get them replaced for an even better performance.

In conclusion, we do want to say that Sector 9 is one of the top longboard brands out there with some unique longboards in their collection. Your longboarding experience would not be complete without owning one of them! 

Krown Skateboards – Best Longboard Brand for Downhill Riding

We are going to end off our best longboard brands 2020 list with Krown Skateboards (last but certainly not the least!). Do you want to know the Krown story? Over 20 years ago, Krown was set up to provide high-quality skateboard but at a good price. The founders realized the difference in the value provided by big-box retail outlets and professional-grade skateboards. Krown wanted to bridge this price and value gap in the market and has successfully been able to do so.

Having two decades of experience under their belts, Krown knows where to outsource their high-quality materials at a reasonable cost which is reflected in their prices. Although Krown skateboards were primarily in the business of making skateboards, their expertise has allowed them to make some of the most incredible longboards out there. Their longboards are considered to be some of the best longboards for beginners and intermediate riders alike.

I think that was enough for the Krown story so now let’s talk about some of our favorite picks from their longboard selection. Thing is, the Krown collection is so full of longboards that it was hard to pick. So today, we will be talking about two of our absolute favorites. But first, let’s see the brand score for Krown Skateboards in various factors that we have considered.

Krown Skateboards Best Longboard Brand Downhill

First up, is the Krown Complete Longboard Skateboard 9 inch by 43-inch pintail shape longboard. What makes it our hot favorite, you ask? Some of its amazing features include the multi-ply Canadian maple 43” x 9” pintail shaped deck with black grip tape, standard kingpin configuration trucks with  6-inch Aluminum with Silver overlay, 78A hardness polyurethane 65mm round wheels, ABEC-5 rated stainless steel bearings. Last but not the least we absolutely love how you can use it for a variety of riding styles as it is the best longboard for downhill carving, city cruising and free riding.

Unfortunately, some people were not happy with the bearings of this board. So you guys might want to check that out before you take it out for a ride depending on the speed you want to choose (faster speed might require you to change the bearings).

Second up, we have the Krown Freestyle Elite Drop Through Complete Longboard. We wanted to talk about these longboards as it is one of the best longboards for kids. It is made up of comes with 8-ply vertically laminated Canadian maple and 36-inch length and has a 9.25-inch wide deck with black grip tape on the top. The drop-through shape mid-sized longboard has black 7-inch reverse kingpin trucks and 78A hardness 71mm polyurethane wheels. These wheels provide stability to ride on rough surfaces making it the best longboard for downhill riding.

We just do not like how the grip tape of this longboard becomes warped.

If you are looking for skateboards made by Krown, then we have featured its KPC Pro Complete Skateboard in our best skateboards 2020 list.
Other than that, I think we all can see how awesome Krown longboards are and why you can’t go wrong with the masterpieces created by Krown Skateboards.

With that, we round-up our best longboard brands list and hope we have brought you one step closer in picking your ideal longboard.

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