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Best Longboards For Beginners Reviewed [Updated 2023]

“It would be in vain to spend your money to buy a longboard that doesn’t match your style, right?”

As a longboarder, you want to ride safely with style and on that ideal longboard that leaves an impression. But with so many longboard brands around, selecting the best longboard that is the right choice for you requires serious help.

For this reason, (after hours of effort in researching and testing) we present to you a list of the best longboards 2020 manufactured by top longboard brands that you can buy to make sure you get your money’s worth!

The table below gives you a brief idea about the longboards that make it to our list of the top 5 best longboards of 2020. For your ease, we have presented the top longboards in a table format for quick review. 

Best Longboards 2020

Skateboard NameSkateboard BrandCustomer Rating Weight (in pounds)
Ten Toes Emporium Zed Bamboo Longboard
(Editor's Pick)
Ten Toes9.210.15
Quest Super Cruiser LongboardQuest Skateboards8.410.5
Atom Drop-Through LongboardAtom Longboards99
Volador Freeride Longboard CruiserVolador97.75
Rimable Drop-Through Longboard Rimable97.6
Before we begin

Let me clear first that you cannot go wrong with ANY board mentioned in this list of top longboards of 2020, the only thing you need to consider is your level and style. Moving on, let’s shed some light on our main topic for today; the best longboards available for the consumers to buy. With so many longboard brands floating in the market currently, it was absolutely necessary to make this list. While the hardcore skaters might find it very easy to choose their ideal longboard skateboard, things can be difficult for longboard beginners who may end up choosing a longboard that is not suitable for them.

With that said, let us start the review of our top longboard picks. Now, whether you’re looking for the best longboard for beginners, cruising, or for downhill riding, the following list featuring the five best longboards covers any and every style. So, without any further ado let’s review the top longboard skateboards.

1. Ten Toes Board Emporium Zed Bamboo Longboard Cruiser Review – Best Longboard for Beginners

Ten Toes Board Zed Bamboo Longboard Review

This longboard manufactured by Ten Toes brand is suitable for you regardless of whether you are a skateboarding beginner or a professional. Let us dive deeper into the ten toes longboard review.

Firstly, all of the features of this longboard like the materials, finish, shape and size not only make it pleasing to look at but help you enjoy a very smooth ride through the streets on a beautiful morning or a quiet, serene night. It’s available in a variety of different fusions of colors and shades and the kicktail at the end of the board makes it a fun ride.

In addition, this Ten Toes board is very durable and you can ride it out in various terrains including the pavement or an area laden with debris or rocks. The deck can support individuals weighing up to 150 kg (Whoa!) and is ideal for the big guys. Moreover, the stiff board makes it stable and one of the best longboards for beginners. It is also light and portable for you to carry when you want to shift from skating to walking.

Moreover, the wheels and bearings contribute to the smooth ride and make it one of the most ideal longboards for carving. The other features of the board that make it a smooth and amazing ride are its 70 by 51 mm wheels that have a rock finish and make it durable, kingpin trucks that make it a smooth slide and are also lightweight plus rugged. The wheel biting effect is also reduced through the milled wheels and the anti-bite technology that the board has.

In short, the board is aesthetically pleasing and an amazing ride regardless of your skateboarding experience, balance or your weight.

As much as we are in love with the ten toes board, the trucks of the board can be squeaky and loose. You might need to fasten them to the deck again. Considering that the trucks are not much of an issue, I think the smooth and easy breezy ride on the Ten Toes Emporium Zed Bamboo board definitely makes it our top choice as the best beginner longboard.

With that said, we are going to take a look at both the pros and cons of the Ten Toes Board Emporium Zed Bamboo Longboard Cruiser.

Sleek finish on the deck

Very stiff

Wheels with rock finish

Anti-bite technology

Suitable for beginners and intermediates alike

Slight camber

Stable and smooth ride
Trucks can get a bit squeaky after some time
The Final Verdict
With a craftsmanship that stuns you, and a deck made out of pure maple, the kick tail design, stability and anti-bite technology, the Ten Toes board is ‘hands down’ the best longboard that will stun skateboarding beginners and intermediate riders alike.

2. Quest Super Cruiser Longboard Skateboard – Best Longboard for Cruising Quest Super Cruiser Longboard Skateboard Review

Quest, one of the best longboard brand, has also created a top longboard catering to the needs of all kinds of riders ranging from beginners to intermediates. This board called the Quest Super Cruiser longboard is one that you need by your side before you begin your adventurous ride. It gives you the perfect smooth yet thrilling ride as it can be used for different riding styles like freeriding, downhill riding and is undoubtedly one of the best skateboards for cruising.

The design of the Quest Super Cruiser longboard, which is a fusion of attractive colors and the shiny finish of the bamboo, gives it an attractive look for the riders. The fun style and colors are perfect for the skateboarders that enjoy the thrill of the ride and love to cruise through the sunny days in streets. The bamboo deck is able to hold more weight without sagging in the middle owing to its structure. The high-quality deck of this board also gives it good traction which means that the grip of the board while drawing itself over the surface of the road or pavement is amazing even if it’s wet. This is definitely a unique advantage that the Quest Super Cruiser longboard offers.

Moreover, the 70 mm polyurethane wheels are excellent and versatile in the sense that they offer a lot of advantages. The wheels have a high level of hardness, 80A on the scale. Hard wheels offer the advantage of being faster, safer and help in the giving a flat ride even on rough terrains. The wheels are unique in the sense that they are inch open making it an ideal longboard for downhill riding style too.

The 7 inches, durable aluminium trucks are strong and their durability has a good life. The trucks are also large enough to avoid the issue of wheel biting. The trucks are solid and will help you in making sudden turns and escape crashing. The bushings, although, good for a smooth and sharp carving of turn, are not very unique. The bushings in this longboard are pretty common in terms of the features that it offers.

Also, the Quest Super cruiser longboard already has 4 spacers and 8-speed rings, installed which means that you do not need to purchase them on your own. Save some bucks on that!

The bearings of the skateboard, on the other hand, are good and provide satisfactory performance for beginner to intermediate levels. The bearings have a rating of 7 on the ABEC scale.

However, we will not declare Quest Super Cruiser longboard to be perfect as one drawback is that it takes a bit of force to get the longboard going fast. But all of its other exciting features makes it one of the best longboards under 100.

Make sure you take a look at the best skateboard protection gear for your protection before cruising on this beast.

Let us now look at some of the pros and cons of the Quest Super Cruiser Longboard.

Sturdy deck yet lightweight

Excellent quality maple and bamboo deck

Stiff yet responsive for sharp turns

Good quality wheels, smooth and fast

Can be used for a variety of different riding styles specially cruising

The bushings are average

 Needs a bit of force to accelerate

The Final Verdict
The Quest Super Cruiser longboard can be used for a variety of riding styles and is the perfect longboard for cruising, the deck is of good quality, and the good quality wheels make it an excellent longboard for carving out sharp turns. In short, it should definitely one of your top choices when selecting a skateboard to buy.

3. Atom Drop-Through Longboard – Best Beginner LongboardAton Drop Through Longboard Review

Atom longboards is a fast growing name within the consumers’ community, as it offers its riders the best of both the worlds, low price, and great quality. Amazingly enough, it costs almost half of what its direct competitors are charging you and yet does not compromise much on the quality of the longboards. The name Atom, is also well known for the large variety of longboards that it offers to the longboard riding community.

Its versatility is also extended to its target consumers; Atom longboards are also considered to be the best longboards for beginners and are also equally great for intermediates and experts as well. It is definitely your must-have longboard if you are a new skater who is looking for a high-quality longboard but not quite ready to spend a lot on it, just yet. This is definitely your go-to skateboard if you are on the lookout for something great for your budget and for practice.

Now, we introduce one of our personal favorites from the Atom longboards collection, the Atom drop through longboard. Its specifications include a fully maple laminated deck with eye catchy graphics, bearings that have been rated as 5 on the ABEC scale and in its “green woody” style. Its other high-quality materials include Reverse King Pin (RKP) longboard trucks (245mm axles) and 70x46mm super high rebound (SHR) urethane wheels. All of these materials, together, make this Atom longboard one of the best longboards for commuting.

Atom, as a brand has always focused on the premium quality of the deck to translate the functionality of the deck into an amazing ride. The Atom drop through deck makes this longboard closer to the ground and gives it amazing stability whether you are cruising through the streets or going as fast as the wind.

What’s more, is that you will absolutely love the turning leverage of this longboard while speeding away. The turning leverage has been made prominent through the use of double barrel bushings. These bushings make sure you carve out the perfect turn. The stability and smoothness will be evident all through the ride! Pretty amazing huh?

But hold on, there is one flaw. The Atom longboard is not too great for people looking for a longboard to go downhill riding. Yet, it has amazing features that helped it get on our best longboards 2020 list. The sleek design of this Atom product also makes it one of the best longboards for college campus as you want to look sharp riding on this amazing board.

Up next, pros and cons of this exciting Atom longboard.

Great price for the quality offered

For all levels of riders


Smooth ride

Good grip

Not an ideal board for sliding

Trucks can be loose

Not good for people heavier than 180 lbs

The Final Verdict
All in all, you simply cannot go wrong with this Atom Drop Through Longboard. It is classy and a must-have board if you want to leave an impression as you sail into the wind.
Also, check out our list of the best electric skateboards 2020 if you are someone who is more tech-savvy than an average person.

4. Volador Freeride Longboard Complete Cruiser – Best Longboard for Downhill StyleVolador Freeride Longboard Complete Cruiser Review

The Volador 42inch freeride longboard is an excellent longboard for cruising (clearly, as the name suggests), the Volador longboard is one of our top choices for best skateboards for downhill and carving styles as well. It is one of the masterpieces created by the company Volador with its striking appearance,  attractive color scheme, and great quality. Moreover, the unique styled boards are also available in other styles and colors, depending upon your personal preference of the outward look of the board.

The deck is 42 inches long (duh!), extremely strong (can give support to the heaviest of riders, so your weight is really no issue!) built with a camber drop through and its flexibility allows it to be a great shock absorber (makes carving sharp turns much easier). The deck is made out of an 8ply hard rock maple and materials like epoxy glue makes it better at heat resistance.

The Volador longboard is user friendly, aesthetically pleasing and environment friendly. It is manufactured using sustainable woods, so if you are a longboard rider who cares about the environment, this is for you!

Moving on, the kingpin trucks are made out of aluminium and are 7 inches, offering a 45 to 50-degree adjustability window. This also makes taking sharp turns easier and ensures a stable, smooth ride through easy maneuverability. The following features also make Volador one of the best longboards for dancing and sliding.

The longboard has been manufactured to include other features too that ensure a smooth ride for you guys, whether you are a longboard beginner or a professional. Some of these features include a) bearings that have been rated at a 9 on the ABEC ratings which make the ride quite smooth b) durable 70x51mm 78A PU wheels c) Relatively light to carry around d) Relatively cheaper. All these features together make it the best cheap longboard for beginners who are learning how to ride longboards.

Realistically, the Volador board is not flawless as it is not the ideal longboard for commuting over long distances but nonetheless is the best longboard for downhill style riding. With that, let us look at some of the pros and cons of the Volador Freeride Longboard Complete Cruiser.

Amazing shock absorber

Camber drop through giving it flexibility

Can support heavy weighted people

Unique design and style

Excellent for downhill and cruising styles

The bearings are average

Nuts can be a bit tight (You might want to check that out, to be on the safe side)

The Final Verdict
With its striking appearance that uplifts your mood, this flexible cruising longboard is definitely on our favorite longboards 2020 list. It’s unique in the sense that it is the best longboard for big guys, so don’t let anyone tell you that your weight is a problem.

5. Rimable Drop-through Longboard – Best Cruising and Cheap LongboardRimable Drop Through Longboard

Rimable is a Chinese based brand manufacturing products like longboards, skateboards, scooters and fitness gear. The brand has grown to become renowned and even though does not offer a huge variety of longboards or have its own website, the boards that it does manufacture have gained quite a lot of fame within its consumers and longboard riders.

The main feature of this particular Rimable longboard is, that it has a drop through deck as opposed to a pintail deck. The Rimable longboard drop through deck, essentially has a lowered platform that means that they are closer to the ground. This provides the advantage of greater stability especially if you are a fan of cruising at high speeds.

The Rimable Drop-Through Longboard is perfect to ride if you are in a hurry and/or are habitual of running late to your school or college. Your greater speed will be complemented by greater agility and the longboard will flow easily even through sharp turns. It is definitely an excellent longboard for people who are short of time.

The deck is made out of original Canadian maple and is 41 by 9.5 inches in size, making it a good quality board. The deck is deemed to be pretty flexible although it does not follow a camber style (which means that the nose and tail of the deck are on the same height as the center of the deck). The deck is also based on the cutouts feature which means that there will be no issue of wheel biting.

The 51mm wheels of this longboard are on the harder side and yet the problem of lower grip with higher wheels has been solved by providing a flexible board. This means that not only can you go faster but the grip will not be compromised either.

The bearings with the rubber shield have been rated as 11 on the ABEC scale. The bearings are fairly good and will not require frequent maintenance.

But the Rimable board lacks in one aspect; the trucks are of standard quality and not that good in the sense that they are a bit loose and might need tightening especially for novice skaters who are learning how to ride longboards.  However, since it is one of the best cheap longboard so this is something that can be overlooked. Now, let’s look at some of the pros and cons of the Rimable Drop-Through Longboard.

Great for beginners and intermediates

Perfect ground clearance even on hard turns

No wheel bite

Very flexible

Good grip

Not an ideal board for sliding

Trucks can be loose

Not good for people heavier than 180 lbs

The Final Verdict
The Rimable longboard is a smooth ride and excellent value for its price and an ideal ride for both novice skaters and intermediates. The design is sleek and looks classy without having too much graphics embedded in the decks. All in all, one of the best budget longboard that you can buy.
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