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How To Tighten The Trucks on a Skateboard? Easy Steps

September 14th, 2023

If you have ever wondered how to make your skateboard turn better or how to tighten the trucks on a skateboard, you have come to the right place!

With our vast experience in the industry, we understand the importance of stability and balance, especially when tackling sloping surfaces or riding at high speeds.

In this guide, we will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to tighten the trucks on your skateboard, as well as tips for achieving optimal truck tightness based on your personal preference and skating style.

How To Tighten The Trucks on a Skateboard

To improve your stability and balance while skateboarding, tightening the trucks on your skateboard is a straightforward process. By using a skate tool or a 9/16″ socket, you can easily adjust the tightness of your trucks. Here’s a more detailed breakdown of the process to keep your trucks tight:

1. Flip your skateboard over and observe the tilt of the trucks. Pay attention to how much they lean toward the ground. If they need tightening, you will notice a significant tilt.

2. Grab your skate tool or 9/16″ socket and locate the kingpin nut. It is the large nut in the middle of the truck.

3. Place the socket over the kingpin nut and rotate the bolt clockwise to tighten the trucks. Start with small adjustments and evaluate the tightness as you go. Remember, even a slight turn can make a noticeable difference.

4. Repeat this process on the second truck to ensure even tightness.

5. After tightening, stand on your skateboard to check the new truck’s tightness. Shift your weight from side to side to assess the stability and balance. If the trucks feel too loose, tighten them a bit more.

If they feel too tight, loosen them by turning the nut counterclockwise.

6. Fine-tune the tightness of your trucks based on your personal preference and comfort level. Remember, everyone has different riding styles and preferences, so take the time to find the tightness that suits you best.

By following these detailed steps, you can achieve the desired level of tightness for your skateboard trucks, ensuring a more stable and controlled ride.

How To Tighten Or Loosen A Skateboard Truck

Achieving the desired feel and responsiveness of your skateboard trucks is essential for a comfortable ride. Whether you want to tighten or loosen your trucks, follow these more detailed steps to find the perfect balance for your riding style:

1. Grab your skate tool or 9/16″ socket to make the necessary adjustments.

2. Locate the kingpin bolt, which connects the hanger to the baseplate of the truck.

3. Depending on whether you want to tighten or loosen the trucks, rotate the bolt in the appropriate direction. To tighten the trucks, turn the bolt clockwise, and to loosen them, turn it counterclockwise.

4. Make small adjustments at a time. Even a quarter or half-turn can make a noticeable change in the tightness of your trucks.

5. After each adjustment, test the board by standing on it and leaning from side to side. This will help you gauge the comfort level and responsiveness of the trucks.

6. Be cautious not to overtighten your trucks, as this can lead to bulging or cracking of the bushings. If you’ve tightened them significantly and still experience wobbliness, consider getting stiffer bushings instead of further tightening.

Bushing kits are available at local skate shops or online, and a 95a durometer bushing is recommended for maximum stiffness.

These more detailed steps will allow you to make precise adjustments to the tightness of your skateboard trucks, ensuring a customized riding experience that suits your preferences.

How Tight Should You Tighten Skateboard Trucks?

Finding the right tightness for your skateboard trucks is crucial, especially for beginners. It’s recommended to tighten the trucks to a point that provides stability and confidence while riding. Tighter trucks offer added stability, making it easier for beginners to push and balance on their boards.

To determine the ideal tightness, consider the following factors:

1. Evaluate your riding style

If you primarily ride on smooth surfaces or prefer more technical tricks, slightly looser trucks might provide better maneuverability. On the other hand, if you ride on rough terrain or at high speeds, tighter trucks will offer greater stability and control.

2. Personal preference

Experiment with different levels of tightness to find what feels comfortable for you. Remember, it’s all about finding the sweet spot that enhances your riding experience.

3. Bushing selection

Along with tightening the kingpin nut, changing out the bushings can have a significant impact on your truck’s tightness. Softer bushings allow for more flexibility and turning, while stiffer bushings provide increased stability. Consider experimenting with different durometers to find the right balance for your needs.

Remember, it may take some time to get used to the side-to-side movement with tighter trucks, but as you spend more time riding, the board will feel less wobbly, and your control will improve. Use a skate tool or wrench to adjust the kingpin nut and fine-tune the tightness based on your preferences.

How To Tighten Your Trucks Evenly

Achieving even tightness in both trucks is essential for maintaining balance and control while skateboarding. Although having both trucks tightened to the exact same level is ideal, it is not always necessary. The key is to ensure that the trucks are somewhat close in tightness. Here’s how to tighten your trucks evenly:

1. Tighten one truck to the desired tightness by following the previously mentioned steps.

2. Remember how much you tightened the first truck, and then apply the same amount of tightness to the second truck. This will help distribute weight evenly when leaning from side to side.

3. Stand on your skateboard and test how it feels. Pay attention to any differences in tightness between the two trucks. If one truck feels significantly tighter than the other, it can affect your riding experience and may lead to wheel bite.

4. Adjust the looser side until both trucks feel evenly tight. This will ensure consistent stability and responsiveness while riding.

By following these steps, you can achieve a balanced and even tightness in both trucks, allowing for smoother transitions from one side to the other.

What Tools Can You Use To Tighten Skateboard Trucks?

Having the right tools for tightening your skateboard trucks can make the process much easier and more efficient. Here are the tools commonly used for this purpose:

1. Skate tool

A skate tool is a specialized multi-tool designed explicitly for skateboard maintenance. It typically includes multiple sockets of different sizes to fit various truck components, as well as an Allen key for adjusting bolts. A skate tool provides precise control over your truck’s tightness and is highly recommended for skateboard owners.

2. 9/16″ socket

If you don’t have a skate tool, a 9/16″ socket from a socket set can be used effectively. Ensure that it fits securely over the kingpin nut for proper tightening.

1. Crescent wrench

If you only have a crescent wrench on hand, it can still get the job done, although it may require repositioning as you adjust the tightness due to the restricted movement caused by the truck hanger. While not as convenient as a skate tool or socket, a crescent wrench can be a viable alternative.

Choose the tool that works best for you and ensures your trucks are securely tightened for a rideable tightness that suits your skateboarding style.


In conclusion, tightening the trucks on your skateboard is a simple yet impactful adjustment that can greatly enhance your skateboarding experience.

With our detailed guide, you now have the necessary knowledge and step-by-step instructions to tighten your trucks effectively and achieve the desired stability and balance.

Whether you’re tackling sloping surfaces, cruising at high speeds, or performing technical tricks, tighter trucks will provide the stability and control you need for a smoother ride.



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